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In order to add to our national revenue, National Treasury revises tax legislation on a regulars basis which SARS must implement and apply. SARS subsequently distributes business requirement specification documents to the industry on a continuous basis. This puts an arduous burden on companies to build and adjust reporting systems in order to comply with the various SARS tax reporting requirements, where failure to comply always poses the risk of attracting SARS penalties for non-compliance and reputational risk to your company.

Employee Benefit Tax (ebTax) provides an efficient, easy to use web based platform or direct integration into our client’s core systems in order to function as a one stop tax employee compliance system to SARS.

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Why ebTax

ebTax keeps abreast of the relevant legislative and SARS requirements for system changes at all times, which alleviates the burden on our clients to do same and allows them to concentrate on their core business needs.

Valuable resources can subsequently be allocated elsewhere.

The ebTax team keeps close ties with SARS resulting in quick solutions to any issues or queries our clients might experience. By directly integrating with the ebTax solution a completely autonomous process can be accomplished with little human intervention, mitigating the risk of errors, incomplete or missing data for reporting purposes.

ebTax have 16 years’ experience in the retirement fund industry and have a proven track record.

The ebTax solution is modular, allowing our clients to customize the ebTax solution to cater for their specific needs.

Our Services

Applications for tax Directives
  • All tax directive applications incorporating Tax Directive and PAYE requirement validations in order to produce successful tax directives and their related IRP5 / IT3(a) certificates.
  • Validations run in real time.
  • Large volumes of tax directive applications can be submitted via direct integration into our clients’ core systems, or via bulk uploading functionality.
  • Directive applications supported are: Form AD | Form B | Form C | Form E | Form IRP3(a) | IRP3(s)
SARS Reporting Compliance
  • EMP 201 reporting on directive applications and annuity payments to pensioners / beneficiaries.
  • Retirement annuity and income protection contributions validated files.
  • IT3(b), IT3(c) and IT3(s) certificate generation and reporting.
  • IT3(a) and IRP5 certificate generation and annual and bi-annual EMP501 “plug and play into e@syFile” validated files.
  • Dividends withholding tax validated files.
  • Medical scheme contribution validated files.
Electronic Recognition of Transfer (R.O.T)
  • Electronic R.O.T’s are manually or automatically generated based on a tax directive application where a transfer / General Note 18 purchase is detected.
  • Functionality allows for the initiator fund to attach supporting documentation to the R.O.T. application in order to avoid rejections by the receiving fund.
  • The recipient fund administrator is not required to be an ebTax client.
  • All parties (initiator fund, recipient fund and broker) are kept up to date during the processing of the R.O.T.
Customizable reporting tools.
  • Our ebTax users can customize report extracts to see only what they wish to see and by when they want to see that report.

Our Pricing

The first question for any business is naturally “How much do I pay for what I get?”.

In short, ebTax customizes a modelled pricing solution based on our clients’ needs, and where agreed upon, a “try before you buy” trial period.

Our Support

It is an accepted fact in the retirement fund industry that legislation related to lump sum and lump sum benefit tax is, at best, quite difficult to fathom. In this regard ebTax endeavours to keep our system and supportive advice up to date and in line with any proposed and implemented legislation.

The core consist of A world-class data centre, including:

Multiple redundant data connections, allowing for always-on connectivity.

Redundant, highly available hardware, ensuring that products and are never down.

Backup power.

Physical and electronic security to ensure the safety of the data.

Proactive backups.

Disaster recovery procedures.


Environmental control and monitoring.

Highly skilled staff:

A professional and highly competent support service.

A qualified and supplementary staffing compliment, ensuring that no single staff member is indispensable.

Constant and proactive education and training.

A proper understanding of best practices by the support staff.


Yes, ebTax allows our clients to purchase only modules which addresses their needs.

There are two options to utilise / integrate with ebTax:

  1. A web based client portal where users can directly interact with all purchased ebTax modules. Bulk upload functionality is also available via the client portal.
  2. Integration into our client’s core system(s). ebTax will perform an assessment of the client’s core systems and build an automated integration solution around that in conjunction with our client.

Yes, ebTax caters for bulk applications for retrenchment related directives, as well as other employer / employee payments which requires a directive application, e.g. section 8A and 8C gains.

Yes, entirely. ebTax have implemented stringent policies in line with the Information Security Governance Framework (ISMS), which also addresses compliance with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

Our Clients

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